Necrophagous Hide

  The hide for necrophagous birds “La Dehesilla”, 10 minutes from downtown Trujillo, is an example of sustainable management. Our project arises from the need to mantenain an ongoing basis the necessary contributions of food and the maintenance work of this place, for which it is self-financed with the income obtained from the commercialization of our photographic hide.

We register the birds that pass through it, so we will ask you to make a record during your photo session and in that way you will also contribute to the conservation of protected species. The setting is spectacular, with wonderful views of the landscape and the walled city of Trujillo.

 logobirding-700x261In this hide you’ll obtaine good photographics results with ease, with species as emblematic as the Black Vulture, Red Kite, Griffon Vulture, Raven, Egyptian Vulture and Black Kite

The protagonists are the Red Kites; Your acrobatic flights will make you have a fun session:Video1 Vídeo2

Available: All year

Type of hide:  Hide with capacity up to 4 persons.

Location: Trujillo (Cáceres). Extremadura. Spain

Prices: From € 80 per person and session, depending of the number of photographers. We have offers for long stays, daily days and big groups. You can check, please.

What is included in the price?:

• Use of hide and carcasses for the session
• Transportation from the meeting place and guide.
• Tecnical advice
• Management of administrative and property permits.

Photo gallery: