The Project

PHOTOBIRDS is born (, a photography and birdwatching project based on the hides rental that tries to combine the tourism of

Antonio Calvonature photography/watching and the conservation of the natural environment. Therefore, most of our hides are, or will be, linked in some way to the conservation of any of the species to be photographed from them.

In an environment of enormous biodiversity such as the heart of Extremadura (Region of Trujillo), it is easier and more sustainable to design a pho

tographic offer of a diversity that can hardly be equaled.


Our first example, El Muladar de La Dehesilla, a social feeding point for necrophagous species, specially oriented to


one of those that in 2016 has been classified as endangered in Extremadura, the Red Kite. Our photographic project will contribute decisively to the feeding, and therefore to the conservation, of this species and others that are also in danger, such as Black Vulture and Egyptian Vulture. Whoever rents this photographic hide contributes directly to the conservation of these species.

All our hides are provide whit spy glasses so they can use for birdwatching.

Photobirds is part of a larger project, El Elanio, Sustainable Birdwatching, which includes nature conservation actions (birds census, monitoring programs, protection of Montagu’s Harriers, etc.), Ornithological Routes ( in the region and rural accommodation ( Country House El Elanio,